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Quality Assurance Engineer

Gaithersburg, MD


  • Designed, Developed and implemented RPM / YUM based Automated packaging system for CentOS.
  • Developed Mercurial hooks (RPC/XML and REST based ) to automate code review.
  • Worked on Unit Test framework for Django based web service.
  • Customized Jenkins CI Server. Modified Email-ext plugin, Jenkins Objects, and Jelly scripts.
  • Improved Cppcheck (Static Code Analysis) runtime performance by 80%.
  • Technical Evaluation of C based Unit Test Frameworks.
  • Developed SOAP Unit tester ( WSDL test runner ) in Python, for a ZSI based Web Service.
  • Setup and Maintained, VMware ESXi based Virtual Machines used for Automated testing and
Continuous Integration.
  • Run scan-build (static code analysis) against E-Core.
  • Developed Test Automation Framework using Python, and open source tools.
  • Implemented unit testing for Asterisk.
  • Worked on conary/rbuilder for rPATH appliances.
  • Installed and maintained (Source Code Viewer) and crucible (Code Review Application) as well as
Jira (Issue /bugs management system).
  • Worked on Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800, Installed 3G Core.
  • Developed a roadmap for Quality Assurance.
  • Used Skye Python API to automate Scrum Standup Meetings.
  • Vulnerability testing of Core Network software.
  • Quantitative Voice/Video Quality benchmark testing for a 3G Network.
  • Developed and Enhanced plugins for nose to satisfy specific requirements for Python unit test
  • Hands on Quality Assurance experience with Voice Encryption, and VOIP based products on
Symbian (Nokia), Blackberry (RIM) and Windows Mobile (Microsoft) platforms.
  • 8 years experience in building Automated Test Infrastructures for Security Event Management
System, Web Services, API's.
  • Security, Vulnerability, Static and Dynamic Testing of API's and Software Applications.

Work Experience

Quality Assurance Engineer

, Columbia, MD

Feb 2011May 2012

Duties: To develop and implement Quality Assurance infrastructure, implement quality standards, develop
tools for Continuous Integration as well as build and Configuration Management.
  • Developed new testing approaches to accommodate tight schedules and resource constraints.
  • Design, Develop and implement unit testing for Python and C based UMTS Applications.
  • Conveyed status during cross-functional meetings.
  • Work closely with senior developers to identify areas and methods to improve testing efficiency,
expand coverage and increase reliability.
  • Developed a roadmap for Quality Assurance in conjunction with product development.
  • Designed and implemented a HDMI Wall display TV for Quality Assurance results and metrics.
  • Create and operate Software Quality assurance LAB.
  • Develop/Modify Source Code for Continuous integration System (Jenkins).
  • Modify Source Code of CI (Jenkins) to implement Quality Assurance Requirements.
  • Use Open Source and also develop in-house benchmark tools for base lining performance of CoreTX
(3G Core network) and related components.
  • Perform Security and penetration testing of BTS products.
  • Report QA matrices to VP Engineering.
  • Develop and implement, unit tests for BTS products.
  • Develop and implement integration tests for CoreTX and related products.
  • Help in defining software quality practices for BTS.
  • Draft QA Roadmap for BTS in accordance with company's objectives.
  • Develop and manage automated remote backup system.
  • Made improvements in Python Unit testing framework, and integrated it with Jenkins and rBUILD
  • Installed and operated Jira/Fisheye/Crucible and Confluence.


Yakabod, Fredrick,

Nov 2010Jan 2011

Position: Consultant/Contractor
Duties: Develop a framework for benchmarking a PHP/MySQL/Ajax based Secure Social Network
  • Implemented profiling JavaScript / PHP CMS application using XHProf.
  • Use open Source tools for load and stress testing of the CMS application.
  • Perform database (MySQL) and Web Server (Apache) load and stress testing.
  • Analyze results from benchmark tests, and proposed recommendations for scalability.

Lead Automation Engineer

Sourcefire, Columbia, MD

Apr 2010Oct 2010

Duties: To maintain legacy automation tools and frameworks and develop a new Test Automation
  • Use VMware API to automate virtual environment management and performance.
  • Develop automation scripts for quality assurance in Perl and ruby.
  • Maintain and enhance a Perl/MySQL/Selenium based Build Acceptance Test System.
  • Manage a developer/contractor with respect to task assignments, code evaluation and performance.
  • Design and develop following automated test scripts.
o Snort Engine Update Performance, a Ruby based wrapper daemon script to execute tcl
based Spirent's Avalanche(TM) performance tests.
o Automated backup and notification of Virtual Machines on VMware ESXi 4.1 HP Blade
o A Perl based excel graph generator, which takes a comma separated value file as input.
o A /var/log/messages monitor which parses log files on multiple Linux hosts and report
activity with email.
o An email notification script in Perl, which monitors and reports directory/file changes.
o Setup and manage an FAQ server.
o Setup Nagios and NTOP to monitor host performances


Rivulet, Herndon, VA

Dec 2009Mar 2010

Duties: To lead the Release Candidate testing effort.
  • Provided QA LAB maintenance and improvements, network analysis and led the test automation
efforts. Created master test plans, test cases and documented defects using tools like Testopia,
Bugzilla, Trac and Subversion.
  • Expedited the momentum of testing efforts for QA teams in India and Reston, VA; facilitated
knowledge transfer between the QA team in India and the developers responsible for Installer.
  • Conducted performance benchmarking and security testing; setup QA LDAP, performance tested
LDAP, tested internal firmware application Cortez and used WOWZA for Video Streaming JMX
  • Identified options for MP4Box command line, which sped up processing and increased reliability,
worked on X11 GUI automation and introduced Linux based performance tools.
  • Provided technical support on demos for Houston Methodist Hospitals and supported field
Environment/Tools: Testopia, Bugzilla, Trac, Subversion, LDAP, JMX, X11 Windows, SoapUI, JMeter,
Iperf/Jperf, RedHat Enterprise Server, X11Perf, SAMBA, NFS, ffmpeg, MP4Box, DCM4CHEE, wowza, ntop,

Quality Assurance Manager

Koolspan, Bethesda, MD

Jun 2008Nov 2009

Duties: To ensure quality and report quality matrices for All Koolspan Products, Facilitate QA Engineers
setup and operate QA infrastructure.
  • Setup and operated QA infrastructure (Bugzilla/Testopia/FAQ system and Document Management) plus test machines setup and operation on VMware.
  • Create and maintain Test Cases, Test Plans and Test Plan Execution.
  • Installed and Customized Bugzilla and Testopia.
  • Test Symbian based TrustChip Voice Product Nokia Cellular Phones.
  • Test TrustChip Voice on Microsoft Windows Mobile handsets.
  • Test TrustChip Voice on BlackBerry, on RIM based devices.
  • Test TDK API on Windows Mobile and Blackberry.
  • Develop test Automation framework for Mobile Platforms.
  • Test TrustChip VOIP product on Microsoft Windows Mobile.
  • Test TrustCenter Management Operations System.
  • Develop tools to automate and accurately report test matrices.
  • Manage and execute QA efforts for Koolspan partners.
  • Train testing staff in Security Techniques and tools.
  • Used malformed SIP packets to generate a Denial of Service Attack.
  • Setup and operated QA infrastructure from Grounds up.
  • Developed and implemented Quality Assurance Development Cycle, and Workflows.
  • Served as QA Resource to SRA International, for Blackberry Based Secure Voice Application.
  • Found a Critical BUG in RIM Operating System and RIM OS Release 5.0 is scheduled to have the

Senior Software Quality Engineer

Global Science and Technologies, Greenbelt, MD

Nov 2007Feb 2008

Duties: Functional Testing of NASA's ECHO system
  • Developed a functional testing automation framework, based on JUnit, Java, ant, and various open
source tools.

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

webMethods Inc, Fairfax, VA

Jan 2006Sep 2007

Duties: API testing using Junit and Eclipse
  • Developed unit test cases in java for log4j based API.
  • Developed unit test cases in java for JDBC Pools API.
  • Developed unit test cases in java for Audit Logging API.
  • Developed unit test cases in java for Light Weight Queues API.
  • Developed unit test cases in java for Security FrameWork API.
  • Developed performance test cases.
  • Wrote Test Plans for all the above components.

  • Developed Unit Testing Framework based on open source tools
  • Introduced Multi-Threading Test tool.
  • Introduced Code Coverage tools and Code Quality Analysis Metrics.

Software Quality Assurance Lead

eSecurity Inc, Vienna, VA

May 2003Dec 2005

Duties: Sustaining Engineer, Content Developer, Software Tools development, Bug Fixes, Customer
Support, and Managing offshore testing.
  • Developed Serial Port tester in java.
  • Developed agent file parser.
  • Developed Event Simulators for CheckPoint and Snort.
  • Developed scripts/java applications to check OS/ Hardware on MS Windows.
  • Developed asp scripts for embedded Crystal Enterprise XI application.
  • Developed regex based syslog parsers.
  • Developed log rotation script for Sun Solaris based application.
  • Installed and operated JIRA (Issue Management System) and integrated it with perforce (CSM)
  • Installed and operated "MailMan" "list server" on Linux.
  • Developed syslog parsers for various syslog formats.
  • Designed and developed Agents to acquire data from IDS, and parse attack signatures
  • Setup QA Lab.
  • Installed and operated Checkpoint Firewall.
  • Installed and operated NFR IDS Scanner.
  • Installed and operated Snort IDS Sensor.
  • Installed and Operated ISS Scanner, ISS Site Protector, ISS Real Secure Server.
  • Installed, customized and operated bug tracking system based on Bugzilla.
  • Integrated awstats and Webmin with Bugzilla.
  • Team lead for 3 major software releases.
  • Installed and Operated nessus Scanner.
  • Designed test harness for customized testing of security related applications.
  • Designed test harness for Vulnerability analysis and Exploit Detection.
  • Worked on eSecurity Event Taxonomy.
  • Installed, customized and operated bug tracking system, JIRA.

  • Developed simulation tools for Checkpoint Firewall, and Snort IDS
  • Setup Security Lab.
  • Developed a text file parser in Java.
  • Coded a Driver for RS232 Serial Port in Java.

Systems Test Engineer

Spirent Communications, Rockville, MD

Oct 1998Jan 2003

Duties: Testing CenterOp Systems (OSS) Spirent's family of Telecommunications Management Network
(TMN) based Operations Support Systems designed to control the fault management and network
configuration operation of modern, large-scale Telecommunications networks.
  • Designed, implemented and debugged various Build Verification Test Procedures for CenterOp Suite of
Products (Sentry(TM), Perform(TM) and Flow(TM)).
  • Designed, developed and supported tools for automation of Test Processes in Tcl, Aspect and Korn
  • Developed a test client for performance evaluation of SNMP Middle-ware BRASS. BRASSTM is a
Management Application Development Toolkit designed to provide facilities for easily creating SNMP
management applications. It provides a C programming API that allows one or many management
applications to access a single, shared SNMP stack and security database.
  • Conducted Training for Mimic (SNMP Simulator). MIMIC Simulator offers a unique and an inexpensive
way to create a real world lab environment. It provides an interactive hands-on lab for quality
assurance, development, marketing, sales, evaluation, deployment and training of enterprise
management applications. It creates a "virtual lab" populated with devices like routers, hubs, switches,
probes, cable modems and workstations.
  • Designed and performed Network and Performance Analysis for Spirent's software products.
  • Performed Build Verification Test for Sentry(TM), Perform(TM) and Flow(TM).
  • Automated Performance Tests using WinRunner and Test Director.


Information Systems Associates Ltd,

Oct 1996Jul 1998

Responsible for installation, operation and management of a VSAT based
TDM/TDMA Satellite Network Control Center.
  • Performed BIT Error Rate Testing and Protocol Analysis.
  • Configured a Sun Sparc Station as a Network Management node networked with a TeleGlobe
X.25/Frame Relay multi-protocol router.
  • Setup a SNMP based Network Management System.
  • Performed simulation, test and analysis of WAN's using network protocols for Solaris, Novell Netware,
Zero Slot LANs, Sco UNIX, Windows NT server and Workstation. Windows 95, and Windows 3.11.
  • Installed and configured "Sendmail" and UUCP for off-line e-mail.
  • Managed 14 PC/LAN/WAN Engineers and Technicians and a 500K budget, also managed 7x24
Operation of NOC.
  • Implemented disaster recovery procedures.
  • Provided planning and installation services for Spread Spectrum Modem Networks.
  • Planned and implemented Line of Sight surveys and installation of Radio Towers.
  • Planned and implemented an ISP service utilizing 3Com Access Servers with 3Com RADIUS as the security and authentication platform.

  • Designed Setup and operated a VSAT based NOC from Grounds Up.
  • Hired and trained 15 Engineers, including a remote manager.
  • Convinced COMSAT-RSI (now Lockheed) to switch from X.25 protocol, to FrameRelay to boost the performance of TDM/TDMA network.



Masters of Science in Computer Science

Johns Hopkins University,

Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

N E D University,

Additional Information

Applications and Frameworks: Junit, Eclipse, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Junit, Nunit, 
CUNIT, DBUnit, CPPUnit, Asterisk, Voip, soapUI, Coverlipse, ant, DBVisualizer, Wireshark, NSClient4J, 
Nmap, 3CX, Brekeke. SIP, Vulnerability Analysis and Exploitation, HttpUnit, XSLT, Office 97, Mimic (SNMP 
Simulator), DeriveIt (TL1 Simulator), MGSoft (SNMP MIB Compiler/Browser), Rational Rose, DDTS, 
TerraSat 200 (TDM/TDMA VSAT Satellite HUB), BRASS, WinRunner (Mercury), Test Director (Mercury), 
Brio, Sniffer (LAN/WAN), Tacacs, Radius, High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) for AIX®, TMN 
(Telecommunication Management Network), ISS Scanner, ISS Site Protector, Cisco PIX Firewall, 
Checkpoint Firewall, NFR Intrusion Detection System, Snort IDS, Sonic MQ, ODBC, KIWI/Syslog, Crystal 
Enterprise, Nessus Scanner, Crystal Reports 9 and XI, JIRA (issue tracking system), Bugzilla, Cygwin, 
Sonic MQ, Eclipse, perforce, JDBC, ODBC, Apache/Tomcat, Eeye Retina, HP Open View and Service Desk, 
Windows Management Instrumentation Agent, Cisco PIX, Exceed, NTP (Network Time protocol), sendmail, 
WebMin, REMEDY, HP OpenView, HP Service Desk, I18N, L10N, NTP, CruiseControl, Doclipse, Retina 
Hardware: Spread Spectrum Modems, Fujitsu FLM150, Lucent DDM2000, Cisco 1600, Cisco 6500, Lucent 
CBX500, Teleglobe Routers. VAX 3000, PDP, VAX 6000, IBM R6000, Sun Netra, Sun Sparc Station, HP 
3000, VAX Station, X-terminals, DEC Routers and Bridges, including Fiber Optic Repeaters, Terminal 
Servers, VSAT Terminals, VSAT Hubs, Symbian Based phones (Nokia), Blackberry (RIM), Windows Mobile 
(Microsoft Mobile) 
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/2003/NT/XP, VMS, Ultrix, Sco Unix, AIX, HP/UX, Sun Solaris, 
CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat. 
Languages: C/C++, C/Korn/Bourne Shell scripts, Perl, Python, Ruby, Aspect, Tcl, Java, Java Script, XML, 
UML and HTML. 
Databases: Objectivity, MS Access, and Informix, MySql, MS SQL Server , Postgresql and Oracle.
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