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Sr. Siebel EAI EIM

Phoenix, AZ


  • I am working as a Technology Analyst in Siebel Applications for the past 6 years in IT Industry and working on Siebel Configuration, Scripting, Workflow, EAI and Enterprise Integration Manager to populate data into Siebel by using Informatica and sql loader techniques.
  • Have worked in different phases of a project life cycle: Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing, Implementation and Maintenance.
  • Worked on customizing Siebel CRM Applications including Siebel Marketing, Partner Portal, Siebel Sales, eSales, Siebel Call Center and Siebel Finance by Configuration, Scripting, Workflows and Siebel Integration (Web Service & JMS Integration) using Siebel Tools.
  • Have worked on a 2 major Siebel Upgrade projects and having a depth of understanding of Project Implementation Methodology and best practices in development.
  • Extensively working in ETL solutions based on Informatica.
  • Leading teams for last 2 years in Siebel Configuration, EIM and upgrade projects.

Informatica Powercenter 8.6.1,Siebel 7.8.2/ 8.0/, Windows 2000, Altova XML Spy, Mercury Quality Center, JMeter, SOAP UI, Oxygen,

Siebel Tools Toad, PL/SQL Developer
Method Siebel eScripting Methods
Hardware Pentium 4
  • Have installed the Haley knowledge base and created many business rules.
  • Have worked on Siebel upgrade (Siebel 7.8 to

Work Experience

Siebel EAI EIM Lead

Charles Schwab, Phoenix, AZ

Nov 2012Current

MARS Forklift Upgrade - MARS stands for Multi-channel acquisition relationship sales. It's a sales automation and relationship management application built on Siebel CRM and interacts with various legacy systems.
Solution Environment: Windows, Unix, Siebel, Oracle 11i , Informatica Power Center, Siebel Finance
Tools Siebel Tools, Toad, Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, SQL Loader
  • Experience in understanding new business requirements, existing applications.
  • Effectively tested the Informatica 8.6.1 Extract Transform Load (ETL) maps, user-defined functions, mapplets, sessions & workflows needed for Data Warehouse, Operational Data Store related projects.
  • Have done unit testing/ Integration testing and other quality related documents.
  • Validate the batch jobs in newly upgraded environment
  • Compare and understand the schema changes between Siebel 7.8 and
  • Modify the informatica workflow mappings, windows and UNIX scripts
  • Support off shore batch team
  • Tuned the Informatica Mappings, Optimized Query Performance, Session Performance and reliability and maintained optimum performance.
  • Extensively worked on Unix shell script, windows scripts to execute batch jobs



Sep 2011Oct 2012

GASCO - Siebel CRM is mainly used for capturing the different kinds of order requests. This application is used to track all the information like, account, contact, orders and service request of an order request.

Solution Environment: Windows XP, Unix, Siebel , Oracle 11i, Siebel Call Center
Tools Siebel Tools, SQL Loader, Toad, SOAP UI

  • Collected the business requirements and efficiently validated business logics by communicating and working with the Business Analysts.
  • Involved in creation of LLD and HLD and other support documents.
  • Involved in data migration from Oracle EBS application to Siebel 8.1.
  • Developed complex mapping logic, user-defined functions, mapplets, sessions & workflows
  • To Support the integration between Siebel and Oracle EBS , Web Portal
  • Scheduling of employees for different activities are performed in Siebel using Appointment booking system & Assignment Manager
  • Preparing mapping to architecture, design document, unit test plan and development of code.
  • Created mappings in Siebel in order to accommodate the Oracle EBS entity details into Siebel
  • Guiding off shore team and giving knowledge transition on the Oracle EBS entity and data model

Technical Lead

Yahoo India, Bangalore, Karnataka

Mar 2011Sep 2011

YCRM - Yahoo! is mainly used for displaying & searching adds .This application is used to track all the information like, company, account, contact, opportunity, quote, orders and service request of an add.
Bobcat Application: - It is a java based application and it is used to create single/bulk of opportunities. Once opportunity is created in bobcat, through TIBCO(middleware) it is get sync up with the YCRM via JMS Queue

Solution Environment: Windows XP, Siebel, Oracle 11i , Siebel Sales
Tools:- Siebel Tools, SOAP UI, XML SPY, PL/SQL Developer

  • To Support the integration between Siebel and Bobcat(with interface as TIBCO)
o Bobcat will post a XML to JMS queue, TIBCO will read XML and transform. After transformation TIBCO will post the XML to Siebel Queue.JMS Subsystem (Component) will receive the request for new opty creation and the same opty is created in YCRM.
o (XML -> Opty creation request)
o Company/Accounts are created from Siebel system is updated in BOBCAT by JMS Transport and TIBCO
  • Developed the integration between Siebel and RMX(with interface as TIBCO)
  • New Accounts/Contacts/Pixels are created in Siebel system and the request will go to RMX by TIBCO (as JMS Message).Once the Account/Pixel is created in RMX, corresponding rmx id is updated in Siebel System

Technical Lead

DNV, Bangalore, Karnataka

Aug 2010Feb 2011

DNV - Will conduct an audit for a company and based on their performance, it'll decide whether to approve or reject their certificate request. As part of audit following activities are Initial Audit/Visit, Periodic audit, Approved, Rejected, Performed etc.
Scheduler Application: - DNV will allow the people to book the auditors through a .net based application(Called Scheduler) , it is communicating the Siebel sales application through inbound WS call and only planners can able to book the auditors.
Siebel Sales Application: - DNV people will have the access to different views based on their Responsibility and able to perform Creating new Account Prospect, Referrals, Account, Opportunity, Quotes, Contact, Project, Activities and able to book/unbook the auditors to perform the audit based on their position type.

Solution Environment:- Windows XP, Siebel, Siebel, Oracle 10g, Siebel Sales , eSales, Marketing, eMarketing, Partner Portal Application
Tools:- Siebel Tools

  • Extensively used of ETL to transfer and extract data from source files (Flat files and RDBMS) and load the data into the target database.
  • Prepared the test cases and have done unit testing.
  • Created an inbound web service to allow the Scheduler(.Net) application to book auditor's and same thing will be sync with Siebel Sales
  • Automated the new user creation process , by reading the data's from excel and created for Siebel applications like Partner portal, eSales.
  • Extensively worked in designing mappings for different sources such as flat files, Relation source and so on.
  • Have built various transformations such as Stored Procedure, look up, Normalizer, rank, expression, update and so on.
  • Have worked on a Siebel Upgrade (7.8 to 8.1) and having a depth of understanding of Project Implementation Methodology and best practices in development.
  • Have extensively worked on designing tasks, workflows.


American Airlines,

Jul 2009Jul 2010

Description: AA - have a funda to restrict the agency to overwhelming the conditions, are called waiver bank/Upgrade banks.

Partner Portal Application: - AA wants to give the permission to its dependent agencies to book the ticket. So this application is made to help the external customers easily.

Call Center Application: - AA people will have the access to different exception guidelines based on the position type. Position type will decide the permission to create the waiver request to upgrade or change the further details once the customer booked a ticket.

Solution Environment:-Windows XP, Siebel 8.1.1, Oracle 10g, Siebel Call Center, Partner Portal Application
Tools: - Siebel Tools

  • Used the XLST transformation service, in order to filter the incoming request (data) and it will reduce the Siebel data processing time.
  • Installed the Haley rule engine and created many rules to achieve the business requirement and this avoid the srf changes.
  • Worked on browser scripting for getting user confirmation, so that it can be decided as to continue the process or deny the transaction.
  • Created a Service request screen to include all the transaction type, customer details, etc.
  • Configured toggle applet for different transaction type.
  • Created SI views in partner portal primary position change view, User approval view,
  • Change position type view etc.
  • Worked on Administration-Personalization for applet/View hiding based on user position type.


Nokia COACH Service,

Jun 2007Jun 2009

With COACH program Nokia aims to consolidate all its CRM application into one common platform. This platform will also be used to accumulate customer profile, interactions and terminal data from the different Nokia touch points for accurate calculation of consumer value in order to achieve a customer-centric orientation.

Solution Environment: - Windows 2000, Siebel 7.8, 8.0., Oracle 9i, 10g, Siebel e-Marketing Application
Tools: Siebel Tools

  • Created Email/Wireless Offers, Treatments, Segments, Campaigns and Programs for various countries, Scheduling of the campaigns, Creation of Load format, List formats (Personalization formats), etc
  • Conducted training sessions on Marketing Process for the new joiners.
  • Attended Internal Siebel Essential Training.
  • Enhanced a Business Service for life-cycle phase Overdue and the current phase naming convention.
  • Developed a method for Duplicate Username Check in Contact Business Component.
  • Got Confirmation with Rating 4.
  • Changed the Data Model of COACH to include new Business Components and Fields.
  • Created MVG to include Alternate Email Address.
  • Developed Workflows to copy Email address, Mobile Number, Country and Language at alternate level and Program level.
  • Enhanced Registration Web Service to support New Fields
  • Profile Update WS modification - Triggering instant welcome via Acxiom.
  • Registration WS modification - Triggering instant welcome via Acxiom.
  • Performed Testing for web services using XML Spy.
  • Changed the Data Model(IC's) of COACH to include new Business Components and Fields.
  • Created CMS screen to accommodate all the communication plan details like Campaign ID, Content Key, Content ID, etc for a specific program(MyNokia)
  • Have created a general document to follow, while configuring an object (BC, BO, Applet etc.)
  • Prevent wild card queries in Siebel UI(To have better performance of COACH Application and Database Query will be allowed only in indexed columns)
  • Support for pin codes & license keys in messages(All adhoc campaigns related to PIN insertion, URL insertion, License key can be automated)
  • Created Ovi CMS screen to accommodate all the communication plan details like Campaign ID, Content Key, Content ID, etc for a specific program(Non-MyNokia Programs), So that the content for the Communication is fetched from CMS
  • Have modified the logic to support for Triggering Ovi immediate welcome message, In order to pick the template from database to send the email communications.


Bachelor Of Engineering in Electronics and Communication



Additional Information

Key Skills:
  • ETL Tool - Informatica power center 8.6.1
  • Siebel Configuration, Workflows, Scripting
  • Siebel EAI - VBC, Web Services & JMS Integration
  • Siebel Scheduler - Appointment Booking System, Optimizer, Assignment Manager
  • Siebel Rule Engine - 6Haley Rule Engine
  • Siebel CTI - Basics
  • Siebel Administration - Siebel Servers Basics
  • Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager - SQL loader
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