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Application Architect

Charlotte, NC

Work Experience

Application Architect


Oct 2012Mar 2013

As a Quartz architect, that provides technical support and guidelines to the Global Risk Developers, I assist in determining if the Quartz environment can be utilized to develop new applications or convert legacy application to Quartz. This includes researching and creating POC that can be delivered to the developer and then converted to a concrete application. Quartz is an all in compassing technology environment that is written in Python utilizing custom built components (IDE, Job Scheduler, proprietary database and GUI components). Quartz provides developers the use of a global library of components that can be used in developing composite applications.

Solution Architect/Developer


Jul 2010Aug 2012

The current project that I am working on requires hands on reverse engineering the company's sales order distribution sites written in PHP with MYSQL and Oracle into a SOA framework using Java and Oracle SOA products. During the code analysis of the PHP code requirements are documented, test cases are developed and core business process are defined that can be converted to Java and wrapped as Web Services. The Service's will be accessed through proxy services on an OSB/ Composite Integration platform. Consumer requests are transformed to an OAGIS Sales Order Canonical data model. Core business service will be exposed to internal and external consumers through an OSB platform to provide security and reliability. Event Messaging design pattern is used to allow consuming systems to be able to pull certain messages that they need to process and provide reliable messaging. Coherence cache is used to provide faster access to data lookups for the services this will cut down having to access the database when requesting common data as well as provide data in the event the data tier is offline. 
Key Projects & Achievements 
* Design and implement and integration strategy utilizing Service Oriented Architecture by creating a prototype project that encompasses the use of Oracle Fusion Middleware Products. (JDeveloper 11g release1, Weblogic 10g, SOA Suite). Created a project plan and total cost determination documents, for moving the project from conception to implementation. 
* Evaluate core business process and identify areas where there are redundancy in business logic and determine where the use of a service or web service can be a benefit. This included meeting with the business and business analyst to flush out requirements. 
* Create long term goals to expose business process (Sales Orders , RMA ) to external vendors that develop POS applications. 
* Convert the methodology of the IT department from LAMP development to an java shop utilizing Oracle Fusion Middleware and or Eclipse products. 
* Advise on best practices and guidelines for using design patterns to perform Enterprise Integration and Application Integration. 
Platforms: MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: 
TOAD for Oracle and MySQL, Oracle Fussion Middle Ware (JDeveloper 11g, SOA Suite, OSB, Weblogic 10g ), XML SPY Enterprise, SOAP UI 
Source Control / Tools CVS 
Databases: Oracle, MYSQL 
Languages: ASP, JAVA 1.5, PL/SQL, SQL, XML/XSL 
Design Frameworks: EJB 3.0 , MVC, Web Services (JAXWS), Hibernate 3.0, SOA

TEKSystems consultant


Mar 2010Jul 2010

Senior Java Developer 
Key Projects & Achievements 
* Three month project to provide leadership in planning and executing an initiative to upgrade legacy applications to running on JBoss 3.0 to JBoss 4.0 and 5.0 application Server and Apache HTTP server to improve caching. 
Platforms: MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: Toad for Oracle, Eclipse (Helio), JBoss Application Server 
Source Control / Tools CVS 
Databases: Oracle 
Languages: JAVA 1.5, PL/SQL, SQL, XML/XSL 
Design Frameworks: EJB 1,2 , MVC, Web Services (JAXWS), MQ

Enterprise Architect / Integration Architect


Jul 2005Nov 2009

Partnered with leaders from operational business units and strategic management to define and prioritize projects in support of enterprise architecture development. Gather detailed business requirements, evaluate multiple solutions frameworks and present alternatives to project sponsors for decisions. Created resource estimates, architecture assessments, and objectives documents. Developed high-level design and specification documentation. Prepared RFIs/RFPS for vendors and evaluate responses. Select and manage vendors based on ROI analysis. Lead development teams through the full solutions development cycle. 
Key Projects & Achievements: 
* Held Technical Lead role on SOA projects to create enterprise services utilizing the J2EE(JEE) architecture (Entities, Session Beans, Session Facades) that are consumed by a Siebel CRM application and a CTI/IVR (Telephony) system to return requested data from multiple application systems through one Web Service (SOAP/HTTP) request. Lead internal and off shore team to implement project (Architecture Review, Code Review, Project Status, and Deployment Architecture). This project applied the following SDLC Agile and a Modified Waterfall. The backend data was provided by Oracle, MSSQL and DB2 databases. 
* Lead Business discussion on determining what business process could be converted to Web services as well as the orchestration each consumer would utilize to effectively use the coarse-grain services. 
* Designed and developed data management web sites using JSF and SDO that allowed the business partners to maintain data that are used as parameters for running Enterprise Crystal reports, INFORMATICA mappings and CL (AS/400 DB2) extracts. Using different design patterns ie. MVC , Factory pattern. 
* Partnered with business process owners and consultants to assess the need for an ESB. Provide continuing assessment of existing tools as part of the process to create a roadmap for process streamlining and technology integration. 
* Co-designed procedures and guidelines governing new project initiation and benefits analysis with supporting documentation. Provided a framework for the comparative analysis, selection, and prioritization of strategic projects. Insured that every project followed the adopted SDLC (Modified Waterfall) 
* Lead project to prototype the use of IBM Message Broker as a foundation for providing integration and transformation of data request from internal and external consumers utilizing IBM MQ and JMS 
* Authored standards and Guidelines for the use of IBM Message Broker within the IT department. 
* Lead project to migrate a strategic java EDI electronic claims submission application that received external X12 formatted data over a TCP/IP socket connection from multiple providers and brokers. The application architecture was changed to utilize the IBM Message Broker (MQ) to replace the integration and transformation of the previous system utilizing a TCP/IP node, X12 message set and compute nodes. 
* Designed and implemented a process for integrating external vendor reports, utilizing external proprietary API's. 
* Improved the transfer of business metrics data by creating an enterprise file transfer system allowing the use of a single platform across the organization. 
* Researched multi-platform solutions for data extraction and mapping using Informatica. Leveraged unused APIs to manage complex business processes. 
* Conducted code reviews to leverage reusable code and to streamline existing process flows as the in-house development subject matter expert. 
* Assessed existing processes and code for improvement opportunities. Steered continual process reengineering efforts in line with the enterprise architecture model. This included working with Pharmacy to design a PBM website for new product members to manage there prescription care. 
* Created backend services that were utilized in the companies, first member portal. Functionality included member lookup, change address, pharmacy prescription lookup, Family enrollment lookup and order ID cards. The backend services were then utilize by several other projects such as Siebel and CTI/IVR. 
Platforms: AS/400, MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: 
LDAP, MS Project, Rational Rose Modeler, IBM Message Broker 6.0 (JMS, HTTP, TCP/IP), IBM Broker Tool Kit 6.1, MQ Series, WebSphere Application Developer (Eclipse Based) 6/7, INFORMATICA 7, Visual Source Safe, TOAD 
Source Control / Tools Visual Source Safe 6.0 / Clear Quest / Clear Case / Requisit Pro 
Testing Tool JMeter, XML Spy 
Databases: Access 2000,2005, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, MYSQL, JAVA DB 
Languages: ASP, COBOL, C/C++, HTML, Java(1.4 and 5), JavaScript (JSP 1.2, 2.0), PL/SQL, SQL, XML/XSL, CL, Java Server Faces (JSF) 
Design Frameworks: J2EE 1.4 / 5 , MVC, Web Services (JAXWS), Apache AXIS 1,4, SDO, Hibernate 3.0

Programmer / Analyst III


Dec 2001Jul 2005

Provided technical direction for application development projects. Analyzed solutions development requests in collaboration with Business Analysts and representatives from functional management. Proposed solutions and led development teams through the creation of sophisticated business solutions. Trained junior programmers, served as a subject matter expert for resolving complex challenges. 
Key Projects & Achievements: 
* Led development of a variety of improved querying and reporting tools used for strategic decision making. 
* Technical Lead and Developer of a HIPAA compliant migration project used to process medical claims and manage enrollment. The system was written consisted of numerous technologies (DB2, Paradox, Visual Basic, Window Scripts, and BBS running on several NT servers. Converted the Legacy application to a standard architecture with a Team consisted of internal and external developers using Java 1.4 and J2EE (EJB 2.1 ) and MVC Design framework deployed on a WebSphere Application server running on a AS/400 system. Tools used to document the development and implementation was Rational Rose Modeling and Rational Pro was used to create Use Cases, website mapping and UML diagrams of classes. Visual Source Save 6.0 was used for source control. The application Architecture provided the ability to expand scale and functionality as needed to support future business needs. 
* Co-designed procedures and guidelines governing new project initiation and benefits analysis with supporting documentation. Provided a framework for the comparative 
* Established the use and guideline for using store procedure for providing extractions and application development data also implemented the use of a standard database analysis/development tool (PLSQL Developer). 
Platforms: AS/400, MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: 
LDAP, MS Project, Rational Rose, MQ Series, Sheridan Tools, WebSphere Application Developer (Eclipse Based) 5.0, Informatica 7, Visual Source Safe 6.0, TOAD 
Source Control / Tools Visual Source Safe 6.0 / Clear Quest / Clear Case / Requisit Pro 
Databases: Access 2000, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2 
Languages: COBOL, HTML, Java (1.4), JavaScript (JSP 1.2), PL/SQL, SQL, XML/XSL, CL, Java Server Faces (JSF) 
Testing Tools JMeter, Ant, XML Spy 
Design Frameworks: J2EE 1.4, MVC, Apache Struts 1.2

Technical Lead Consultant


May 2000Jan 2001

Led a team of IT professionals engaged in the development and enhancement of Web-based training software for contracted clients utilizing Java, JSP/HTTP, HTML and Oracle. Facilitated communications between the client and internal staff through requirements gathering development and product delivery. Responsibility also included maintaining project time line and defect tracking as well as mentoring junior staff. 
Platforms: MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: Crystal Report Writer, LDAP, MS Project, 
Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL 
Languages: ASP, Java, JavaScript (JSP), PL/SQL, SQL, VB 4.0/6.0, XML/XSL, 
Design Frameworks: MVC, Visual Source Safe 6.0

Application Developer


Oct 1999May 2000

Partnered with cross functional teams of internal and external stakeholders to develop tailored business solutions using Navision Financial technology solutions the utilized proprietary development tools and database. Created high-performance applications and interfaces that provided functionality customized to each client's unique business model onsite. 
Platforms: AS/400, MS Windows 
Utilities & Tools: Crystal Report Writer, Navision Proprietary Development Kit 
Databases: Access 2000, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, 
Languages: SQL, VB 4.0/6.0, 
Design Frameworks: Navision Proprietary Design Framework

Product Developer / Programmer


Mar 1997Jul 1999

Created tailored reporting and querying tools modules for a matter tracking application that was sold by LEGALEDGE, written in Visual Basic 3.0/4.0/6.0 with an Oracle Database. This application was sold to city government legal departments. Responsibility also included providing onsite support and development to quickly resolve application issues. Collaborated with business process owners to create functional design specifications, coded applications, tested product functionality, and supported product implementation. 
Platforms: MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: Crystal Report Writer, LDAP, Excel (API's) 
Databases: Microsoft Access , Oracle 
Languages: VBA, PL/SQL, SQL, VB 3.0/4.0/6.0


Computer Programming Program

Computer Learning Center Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


Computer Science Program

Cheyney University, Cheyney, PA

Additional Information

Technical Proficiencies 
Platforms: AS/400, MS Windows, UNIX 
Utilities & Tools: 
LDAP, MS Project, Rational Rose, Oracle OSB,ORACLE SOA SUITE, MQ Series, Eclipse, TOAD, SQL Developer, XML SPY, Weblogic 10, Websphere, 
JBoss 5.0 , 6.0 
Source Control / Tools CVS, Maven 
Testing Tools JMeter, JUnit, SoapUI 
Databases: Access 2000, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, MySQL, JAVA DB 
Languages: Java, JavaScript (JSP), PL/SQL, SQL, XML/XSL, CL, Java Server Faces (1..2,2.0), XQuery, Python 3 
Design Frameworks/Standards: J2EE, MVC, Web Services (JAXWS), WS*
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