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Application Architect

Nashville, TN


Shiva is a top ranking professional with proven success in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, technology architecture, application development & delivery, information management, program & project management. He is an innovative architect, specializing in complex application architecture and delivery across multiple verticals. Shiva has over 12 years of experience in developing and leading cross-functional multi-disciplinary teams in delivering service based offerings that exceed client SLAs by applying expertise in the areas of solution and integration architecture, component and framework development, SOA and business process automation (BPM-A). Shiva has a solid history of cultivating high performing teams, and successfully delivering on time, on budget projects.

Work Experience

Application Architect

Private Health Insurance Payer,

Mar 2013Current

Applied deep knowledge and experience in existing and proposed applications and components in Healthcare Payer systems, Transformed customer requirements into user and application requirements. Facilitated requirements gathering and stakeholder agreement meetings using various techniques such as Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions, prototyping, Conference Room Pilot (CRP), and similar approaches and principles. Incorporated business process design concepts and principles as well as the SDLC, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client's current architecture and proposing a new design and migration path. Primary responsibilities were:
  • Defined the applications required to operationalize the business imperatives
  • Defined how the components of all the applications relate to each other, and how these components (new and existing) will support the capability or business area
  • Ensured the application components align with the execution and operation architectures and meet application performance goals
  • Identified and addressed application and data issues that affect application integrity
  • Identified cross-capability and cross-release issues that affect the business architecture integrity.
  • Worked with other architects to ensure the application components align with specific architecture components and meet performance goals
  • Worked with other architects to select the operating alternatives that form the overall operating strategy and business architecture
  • Increased the level of client confidence by providing key inputs to a compelling value proposition using functional expertise
  • Identified risks and assumptions associated with the applications

Engagement 2

Senior Consultant


Jan 2012Current

Engagement 3

Chief Technology Officer

FAW Consultants,

Feb 2007Current

Online Architect & Release Lead

State Government,

Aug 2012Mar 2013

Implemented all the major online components for the Health Benefits Exchange project for a major public sector/ state govt. client. Responsibilities included the technical architecture for the solution, design/develop/build a solution involving Oracle Web Center portal, Oracle Fusion middleware, Oracle Identity and Access Management Solution (OID & OIAM), Oracle Policy Automation(OPA) software, Oracle Enterprise Content Management System (ECM), Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and two proprietary software applications for the core application and SOA/Web services or POJO based integration touch points to external systems and COTS products.

As an Online Architect, the following tasks were performed
  • Worked with the client and end users to define application and technical requirements, ensuring that those requirements tie back to the established client requirements and performance goals and that the technical direction is consistent with the client's long-term strategy
  • Fully understood the capabilities and limitations of the technical environments that come with any packaged software used by the project
  • Reviewed and integrated all application requirements, including functional, security, integration, performance, quality, and operations requirements
  • Reviewed and integrated the technical architecture requirements for the development, execution, and operations environments
  • Worked with the solution architect and application architect in the development, execution, and operations technical architecture and infrastructure analysis, design, and implementation
  • Worked with the support unit to determine how the application is supported in production, including back-ups, disaster recovery, system performance, and project management
  • Obtained stakeholder buy-in for application and technical designs
  • Prepared, reviewed and submitted some of the application and technical architecture deliverables throughout development to ensure quality and requirement traceability
  • Identified and communicated any cross-area or cross-release issues that affect other project areas
  • Ensured adherence to all quality management plans and standards by participating in quality management reviews as outlined in Verification and Validation Overview
  • Validated the design with the stakeholders to ensure that the design satisfies the requirements
  • Owned the design, build, and test of all technical architecture components/solutions (e.g., development, execution, and operations architecture solutions)
  • Performed hardware sizing and capacity planning along with the infrastructure architect as required to support the solution
  • Performed LAN as well as WAN load analysis and sizing/capacity planning along with the infrastructure architect as required to support the solution
  • Determined the number of environments ( instances) needed and can be supported for Development (interfaces and application),

As a release lead the following tasks were performed:
  • Maintained the consistency between baseline scope and estimate by following an agreed and documented change control process and attending the end-to-end change control board.
  • Revalidate the estimates at key transition points in the development life cycle using propriety estimating methodologies
  • Performed the work in accordance with proprietary delivery methodologies
  • Calculate (based on baseline plan and estimates), report and act upon the standard project metrics
  • Provided standardized status reports every period, managing risks and issues, communication across the leadership team and escalating when necessary
  • Ensured adherence to the Delivery QA guidelines and resolve all critical actions to the agreed timelines
  • Collaborate with the client lead to understand the contract and financial objectives to the overall engagement or client and share this understanding with the delivery team
  • Cascade engagement-specific objectives to drive performance evaluation across the team.
  • Understand the client expectations and participate in appropriate steering committee and status reviews with the client. Develop with the rest of the client team a shared set of objectives and expectations that enables successful partnerships between the teams
  • Proactively manage the Estimate At Completions providing appropriate financial inputs to the financial management system(s)

Engagement 1

Business Architect

Discount clothing store,

Feb 2012May 2012

Assisted the client with the translation of business priorities into actionable technology plans to maintain the proper alignment of IT with the business. Led the client through business-driven technology transformation with the usage of business process engineering, technology architecture as well as project management. This client engagement included blue printing, application rationalization, architecture governance, project quality assurance and business architecture components.
  • Understood the company's business strategy, operating vision, business imperatives and capabilities, and how they affect technology imperatives
  • Understood the key challenges that sponsor and key stakeholders face
  • Defined opportunities to create business value for the client
  • Defined the specific business solutions and structures needed to realize these opportunities
  • Worked with other architects to explore and define how the proposed solutions will fit into the overall enterprise architecture
  • Defined the performance goals, metrics, and key milestones for the proposed solutions
  • Reviewed prototypes, enterprise blueprints, and the scope of the initiatives to meet the business imperatives
  • Increased the level of client confidence
  • Identified risks and assumptions associated with the functional elements of the solution

Portal Manager

University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Feb 2007Jan 2012

Architected, designed, developed, implemented, tested and maintained ten (10) different systems including ERP and legacy systems. Deployed integrations between various systems using interfaces, integration technologies, message brokers etc. Deployed supporting systems such as monitoring, alerting , analytics to effectively manage best-of-the-class scalability, high-availability, fault-tolerance, high transaction volumes and 24/7 operational support. Initiated the mobile strategy of the university by implementing the MySDMobile app on multiple platforms and built strategic partnerships with organizations like Blackboard, Sungard and CollegeMobile. 
Leveraged technical expertise and industry trends to influence business & product strategy and developed best practices. 
Built and developed a high energy, committed and motivated portal team. Developed and led technical teams as both team lead and manager delivering service based offerings enabling great customer experiences. Applied expertise in areas of application architecture, agile practices and multiple web services technologies. 
Drove process improvement initiatives in an ERP environment by leading system and business process flows, quality data management projects, applying Six Sigma methodology, overseeing risk management initiatives, implementing corrective actions and preventative measures; and leading change management and data migration projects in support of system maintenance and data exchanges with affiliate partner networks. Coordinated system integration activities, including resource management, vendor management, drafting of use cases and test plans, outlining user requirements, conducting user acceptance testing, and business process and data analysis. Instilled operational and industry best practices in data management / data exchange, by "audit proofing" the organization's data exchange process and data structures in accordance with various government and educational regulations, specifically as it relates to software development and data transactions - electronic data interchange 
Served on various policy and operating committees and provided technical coordination and leadership within individual operating units across the university. Designed, implemented and maintained automated monitoring system to provide 24x7x365 operational support. Set strategic directions, planned and managed capacity growth.


FAW Consultants,

2008 2011

Responsible for full software development life cycle, project management, and process improvement endeavors, working with the Technology development and Data Management teams to drive the alignment of technology applications with operational activities and adherence to regulatory requirements. Led the business in the prioritization of technology enabled goals and objectives; performing gap analysis, providing direction for the assessment and utilization of technologies including the development of business cases, scope management, cost-benefit analysis - ROI and road mapping.

FAW Consultants,

2008 2009

Researched, designed, developed and implemented a corporate portal solution to enable collaboration within the organization. Aligned the corporation's technology solutions with business and operational goals and objectives. Managed system implementations including user acceptance testing, product release documentation, system training and production support.

Web Services Administrator

Fisk University,

Aug 2005Oct 2007

Designed and developed communication and collaboration services around Microsoft Sharepoint Services and Sharepoint portal server platforms for data migration and integration with other enterprise systems (AD, Exchange, MS Office 2003, Domains). Developed and implemented university-wide intranet system within the Fisk University faculty, staff and students using MS Sharepoint Portal Server and Sharepoint Services.

Managed customer accounts and provided clients with technical consulting services for web portal development, including the full cycles of project planning, design, implementation, test, deployment, training, and support. Liaised between various university constituents and their clients to manage project resources, handle technical issues, and supervise the project work-load. Planned and coordinated project schedules and dependencies among internal divisions and management teams to assure project delivery. Work with internal business partners in related groups (e.g. Product Development, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Infrastructure Operations) to align delivery of Common Criteria certification-related documentation. Establish and maintain processes to manage scope over the project lifecycle; ensuring and tracking the completion of project deliverables such as Assurance Configuration Management, Assurance Life Cycle, Delivery and Operation Vulnerability Assessment, Design documentation. Create, optimize, and drive well-structured schedules and project plans across projects and cross-functional teams that cover all work requirements. Identify cross-functional and project dependencies and scope changes that may impact project deliverables and delivery dates.

Managed software and hardware infrastructure projects through to completion. Negotiated, managed and tracked deliverables. In conjunction with middle and upper management, set team and project goals and manage performance to those goals. Participate in departmental committees setting policies in the areas of security and change control. Interface with other groups (network, application development, user support) within IT department. Consulted on various projects, including design and implementation of ASP service deployment for university web site.

Managed technology standards, documentation and intranet processes. Improved staff performance level substantially. Assisted in creation and execution of corporate strategy. Evaluated product and service offerings. Provided resources for troubleshooting. Mentored staff and provided technical leadership. Assisted in deployment of upgrades to physical networks despite limited resources. Designed infrastructure for new service offerings.
  • Planned, developed, and implemented University Web Services project and university internet and intranet applications.
  • Managed customer accounts, addressing customer needs and leveraging customer feedback to identify strategic opportunities that successfully filled the company's pipeline.
  • Managed project resources, activities, and timelines; with monitoring and controlling responsibility for activities conducted by the Production, QA and vendors.
  • Conducted post launch evaluations and user satisfaction survey involving the design of survey instrument, data aggregation and analysis.
  • Increased productivity 35% by improved project tracking and communication, and risk mitigation.
  • Reduced Service request time on the university trouble ticket system from 14 days to 5 days without any compromise in service quality. Installed and improved management reporting capabilities of trouble-ticketing system.

Data Management Coordinator

Tennessee State University,

Aug 2003Aug 2005

Designed majority of Tennessee State University departmental websites (, providing web design, content lifecycle maintenance, quality testing, and support. Setup of Windows NT IIS/4 web servers, programmed (ASP) support for faculty/staff homepage area and online discussion boards. Installed and programmed Web courseware, advised IT department on web server hardware/software purchases.

Coordinated and support activities related to source system analysis, data modeling and warehouse design, data table specifications and testing for new domains. Support standards, guidelines and methods through use of data definitions, diagrams and data modeling tools and techniques. Work with a team of DBAs, programmers and analysts to complete project within expected time frames. Developed reports from summary tables, performed table loading and used data cleansing techniques where needed.

Gathered (business) requirements from the student admission coordinators, scholarship coordinators and Deans of various departments and converted them into appropriate relational database designs and creating multi-dimensional databases using various data access methods (like SQL. ODBC and OLAP).

Supervised user interface usability Tests for GUI's, Icons. Prepared task sequence presentations for design meetings. Wrote and edited scenarios, procedures, questionnaires and test results. Made test results more accessible, organized, complete and compelling by researching customer preferences and complaints (used both on-line questionnaires and on-campus complaint boxes).

Revised all the office manuals, catalogs, forms, requisitions etc., and we are in the process of getting our manuals, catalogs etc., online. Created technical documentation and was involved in end-user training and support.
  • Increased departmental visibility and involvement in central IT operations.
  • Developed, implemented, and integrated e-business and e-learning strategies augmenting the efforts of universities' admissions and retention figures.

Web Developer

Camping World,

May 2002May 2003

Worked extensively with the advertising managers, Web-masters, to design, develop and maintain ads of various dimensions on all the 34 web sites that AGI (Affinity Group Inc.) owns. Provided monthly and annual reports for the impression and click-through rates of all the significant advertisements on all the sites that AGI maintains.

Developed database enabled Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Web sites on the Microsoft NT platform. Projects included E-Commerce applications, such as: Catalogs, Extranet Ordering Systems and Online Retail Stores.

Gained experience in information processing technology, client/server and Internet computing environments, program operations, relational database management systems and system testing.

Designed, developed, and updated various web templates and forms for the newly reformatted corporate website. Created code modules and SQL queries (Server-side scripting).

Developed, implemented, and integrated e-marketing strategies augmenting the efforts of sales, marketing, and manufacturing in nationwide with increasing business unit contributions. Engaged directly with customers - marketers, webmasters, advertising managers, and graphic designers. Worked across various business areas supporting activities in marketing, web designing, sales, E-commerce, Extranet ordering systems, animations etc. Gained in depth knowledge and experience in information processing technologies, client/server and internet computing environments, program management and relational database management. Collaborated with marketing team in the development and implementation of product launch strategies and product development activities. Managed vendor selection and contracts.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by aligning project strategy and deliverables.
  • Contributed in ROI through both hard and soft savings as well as revenue generation.

Data Management Graduate Assistant

Western Kentucky University,

May 2001May 2001

Supervised the creation of web-based CMS and LMS used as research tools by LME and SIP departments and other research programs. Planned, organized, coordinated, and controlled research budgets. Managed student associates, and led student recruitment and study research activities. Hired, trained, supervised, evaluated, and coached student representatives. Monitored research data collection activities, data quality, and performance of eight student representatives throughout three departments. Managed business to business relationships with study sites.
  • Increased student engagement and participation in a six month period

Technology advisor


2000 2000

Researched, designed, developed, and implemented various e-technologies solutions designed to support operational, marketing and membership management needs in the implementation of content management system, customer relationship management system and a calendaring systems solution.


Master of Business Administration

University of San Diego,


Master of Computer Science

Western Kentucky University,


Additional Information

  • Program & Project Management Leadership & Development
  • Technology Management Information Management
  • Enterprise & Solution Architecture Operations Management
  • Application Delivery Management Process Improvement

Technical Skills

Systems: Oralce Fusion Middleware, Oracle Webcenter Portal, Oracle Enterprise Content Management Systems, Oracle Identity and Access Management Systems, Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Weblogic Servers, Websphere Portal, RTC, CQ, Sungard higher education systems - Luminis 4 & 5, Workflow, Banner Document Management System, AppWorx, Enrollment Management, Advance, Banner (various modules). Nagios, StarRez, Onity, EForms, (Sharepoint) MOSS 2007, SPS, WSS, badboy, Cisco load balancer, Joomla, Drupal, Sugar CRM, CASHNet, T2 Parking, JMeter, DARS, Cognos, (LMS)Blackboard, WebCT, Hibernate, SVN, PVCS, Bugzilla

Softwares: uPortal, LifeRay, JMS, CMS, stored procedures, packages, triggers, Integration technologies, middleware technologies, interfaces using packages and web services, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office Suite (including Visio and Project), jQuery, mooTools,yahoo pipes, Google Analytics, Lambda Probe,CAS,

Operating Systems: Solaris, Unix, MS Windows 2008, 2003 servers.
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