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Programmer/Analyst - Application Developer

Chicago, IL


I have 3+ experiences in System Analysis, Design, development, testing and implementation of software for various Enterprise applications. Good understanding of programming paradigm. Server side JDBC, multi-threaded, algorithmic development approach. I have sound programming knowledge and experience in languages /technologies like Java, J2EE (Servlets/JSP), Spring, Hibernate, JDBC and SQL, HTML, XML. Expertise installing/ configuring and deploying projects in Oracle weblogic, Apache and Apache Tomcat6.0 servers. Good understanding of RDBMS design concepts and experience working with Oracle 11g, Oracle 9, SQL Database and SQL programming, database normalization and PL/SQL programming. Have experience with reporting using Business Objects, Oracle Discoverer off of data mart and datawarehouse. Effectively handled multiple tasks simultaneously.

Work Experience

Programmer/Analyst - Application Developer

McDonald's Corporations,

Nov 2011Current

Team Connect and Hummingbird DM(Edocs DM) are the two main systems used at McDonald's Legal department for Matter and Document Management. My role as a programmer/analyst -Application Developer included below,
  • Awarded for best performance in leading the upgrade project.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented web-based application in J2EE web tier environment using Model View Controller architecture.
  • Used java, JSP, JavaScript, spring, hibernate, xml, html to develop these applications.
  • Maintained and improved high transactional application
  • Maintained and supported production servers.
  • Used database optimization for better performance
  • Created Integration across matter management and document management systems.
  • Created tables and views and wrote stored procedures and triggers using PL/SQL
  • Worked on Documentation for the project lifecycle.
  • Worked with McDonald's Infrastructure team, architecture team and Xerox database team for implementing new technology and any support related issues.
  • Arranged UAT in McDonald's software lab
  • Created user requirements
  • Created user manuals and took part in user training
  • Perform best under pressure, troubleshooting is a key quality.

Environment: java/j2ee, spring, hibernate, xml, html, vb.script, IBM RAD for development, IBM ClearCase for version control, TOAD and SQL Developer, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g databases, weblogic 8, 9.2 and 10.3.4

Object Oriented Development


2010 2012

Implemented HashMap 
Extensive use of Java Collections Framework 
Used most of JDK 1.5 new features like enums, varags, generics, annotations 
Test driven development methodology was adopted in projects. 
Used JUnit for testing purpose 
UML was used for design purposes. 
Environment: JDK1.5, JUNIT 4, Eclipse IDE 
Distributed Systems 
Project 1: Performance Monitoring 
The task was to monitor the performance of CRUD operations in different languages and compare the results. PHP being my choice resulted in a very good performance rate. 
Environment: PHP, Eclipse IDE 
Project 2: Socket Programming over UDP using RUBY, REXML 
The project involved a Client-Server Architecture, the datagram packets were sent between the client and server, a Ruby xml processer REXML was used to phrase the xml document, the xml file was underwent changes based on the Create Retrieve Update Delete(CRUD) requests from the client. 
Environment: Ruby1.9.2, REXML, XML, UDP 
Project 3: 
Developed Model View Controller (MVC) architecture for the application and implemented it using Java Servlets/JSP. A complete software development life-cycle was implemented. Two database engines InnoDB and ISAM were tested using the application developed using the JMETER to create multiple requests. 
Environment: JDK1.5, Eclipse IDE, J2EE, JMETER, JDBC, SQL, Servlets/JSP, Apache Tomcat6.0, XML, HTML, TCP/IP, Java Threads 
Database Programming 
Project: Employee Management System 
Developed Employee Management Application, which involved the SQL database to store all the employee data. PHP programs were coded for different actions to be performed on the database. PEAR::MDB2 libraries were used query the database and the application was deployed in WAMP server. 
Environment: WAMP, Eclipse IDE, PEAR::MDB2, Mercurial Version Control System, Google Sites for documentation 
Systems Analysis and Design 
Project: Design and Analysis of University Integrated System 
A university integrated system was analyzed for Functional requirements. Input Specification, Output Specifications, Context Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams were developed and analyzed. 
Environment: Windows 7, Microsoft Visio 2010 
Software Testing 
Project: A web-based application was tested using the Selenium Automation Tool. Reports were generated and documented. 
Environment: Selenium Automation Testing Tool 
Intermediate Object Oriented Programming- Java Programming 
Distributed Systems 
Database Programming 
(SQL, PostgreSQL, PHP-SQL, PEAR:: MDB2, SQL prepared statements) 
Algorithms and Complexity 
(Dikasthra's Algorithm Implementation, Kruskal's Algorithm) 
Systems Analysis and Design 
(Project: Analysis and Design of a University Integrated System) 
Software Testing 
(Project: Automation testing of a web application using selenium) 
Data warehousing 
(Oracle BI, ETL Concepts, Data Modeling, Sales Force Analysis Module) 
Social, Legal & Ethics in Computer Science

QA Automation

Cengage Learning, Chicago, IL

Aug 2011Nov 2011

I was a member of Web Research Products Group. Highbeam Research is a search engine for newspapers, magazines, academic journals, newswires encyclopedias. 
My role has been a QA Automation Intern. The duties included automating one of their products/sites. I was part of QA/BA team. Under a lead QA Analyst guidance, I created automation scripts in Microsoft Test Manager. Later the scripts were used to record the tests and were used in regression testing. As a agile work environment attended scrum meetings and participated in the company 10000 ft overview. 
Microsoft Test Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel 2010, Windows 6, Windows 7, Mozilla Firefox web browsers. 
Microsoft Excel for keeping the regression documents updated.


M.S. in Computer Science

Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Engineering

Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Additional Information

Languages: Java, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, UML 
RDBMS Technologies: Oracle 10, Oracle 11g, MySql, DB2 
Platform: Windows 2003 server, Windows 2007 Server, UNIX 
Application Servers: Weblogic9.2, Weblogic 10.3, Websphere 6, 
Frameworks: Spring, Struts 
Advanced Technologies: Hibernate, Java 5, JUnit, Selenium, PEAR::MDB2, REXML, Design Patterns 
Version control tools: IBM ClearCase, Mercurial version control system with 
Tools: IBM RAD, Eclipse IDE, TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL Plus, MySQL workbench, Business Objects 6,Oracle Discoverer BI Tool, Sales Force Analysis, MS Visio2010
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