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Senior LTE/4G Engineer

Sterling, VA


* Detail-oriented, highly motivated Telecom and Wireless SME with 14+ years of proven expertise in Core, Access, Services and OAM  
* Consummate Wireless Engineer with expertise in Core, Access, OAM, Performance Optimization and Services domains 
* Astute strategic understanding of distributed Enterprise based J2EE and .and messaging application  
* Strong experience in Operating Systems, Database, Networking, APIs, Redundancy, Security, and Failover  
* Strong communication and analytical skills and holds a Masters of engineering degree in Telecommunication Technology. 
( Eligible to work in U.S. based on Permanent Residence status (Green Card).

Work Experience

SME LTE OAM Engineer

Alcatel-Lucent, 4G/LTE,, Reston, VA

May 2011Current

  • Working on eNodeB, MMBTS, MME WMM, SGW, PGW, SAM, NPO, NBI, NEM, WPS to identify and resolve end-to-end issues
  • Developed and executed Feature and Regression Tests to verify connectivity, mobility, performance for LE3.0 – LE6.0 loads of Core, RAN, NPO and OAM
  • Developed XML scripts to post XML/HTTP API messages to validate and verify north bound interface faults to OSS applications
  • Planned the SAM migration to new super DMZ environment by preparing Firewall rules and migrating MME, PGW, SGW, ENodeB and MPRE and backhaul equipment
  • Installed and upgraded SAM-A and SAM-B in Network Readiness Lab, MOCN, and Development Lab and trained FIT team
  • Working on eNodeB, Pico Cell, SGW,PGW, MME/WMM and SAM Integration and prepared Policies, Mediation , Discovery rules on SAM and NEs and shared this knowledge with FIT team
  • Managed configuration, snapshot instances, work orders and online/offline configuration parameter update to support ANR, Time Zone Management, using WPS, NEM SAM
  • Identified and debugged various SNMP trap, JMS probe, Synchronization, Provisioning, Network element Discovery, Alarm Management, Performance management using PCAP/Snoop, NMS server Log and Nodal Debug files
  • Perform SAM, NPO, SGW, PGW, ENodeB software upgrade and executed regression integration and interoperability Test
  • Identified various issues during upgrade phase and worked with support to resolved issue with WMM, EnodeB, PGW, SGW, 7750 MG, 7705 MG and tracked it by creating Tickets
  • Working on various counters and indicators available in NPO to generated report for QOS, Unavailability , per call measurement data and parameter
  • Managed various feature requirements including license for all RAN, Network Elements, SAM and NPO
  • Assisted and supported customer, ALU NRT lab and FIT team on various Firewall, Interface, Connectivity, Product training, Installation, Configuration,, Tools issue
  • Designed Acceptance Test, Exit Reports, progress reports, MOP, Knowledge Notes and Delta Alarms

Senior Technical Analyst

Oracle America, Service Delivery Platform,, Reston, VA

Dec 2009May 2011

Joined Oracle Communication Gateway business unit as a senior technical analyst to analyze, diagnose and resolve SS7, MMS,IMS Web services, and SIP related issues for various telecom and wireless carriers.
  • Worked on OCCAS, OCSG and OCMA and developed SIP servlets, messaging application and communication plug-in
  • Developed SIP based proxy, Servlet, Registrar, B2BUA using JSR-116, JSR-289. JSR-209 specification in Eclipse IDE
  • Resolved customer issues regarding SMS, MMS, SS7, Billing, SIP, TCAP, ISUP, INAP, CAP, performance using Parlay, Oracle Diagnostic Methodology, SOAPUI, Seagull, SIPp
  • Capture and analyzed thread dumps, heap dumps, flight recording, logs, STDOUT, and resolved out-of –memory errors
  • Installed and configured messaging and billing application and services using SOAPUI, Parlay, Weblogic and Oracle
  • Developed scripts, mbeans, Diagnostic framework, instrumentation to clarify SIP compliance, JMS, High CPU usage issues
  • Technical Tools: Weblogic 8.15, 9.1,10.3 & 11, WLSS, OCCAS, OCSB, Oracle 10g, RHEL 5, Solaris 10, CentOs, Eclipse IDE, JSR, SOA Facades, JRockit, wireshark, tail, top, SNMP, JRockit Mission Controller, JRA, Memory Tool Analyzer

System Test Engineer


Dec 2006Apr 2009

Joined R&D group to lead software and system test team to work on web based service oriented solution framework for network performance optimization of RAN, Core and services domain .
  • schema testing for Ericsson Performance Engine, Analysis Engine and NPV applications.
  • Compared baseline data with the actual results using verification comparator and updated verification point data using RFT
  • Designed test scripts for key performance indicators using hierarchical service data for accessibility, retain-ability, and traffic data and implemented regular expression type constraint using marshaling, UN-marshalling
  • Tested and debugged soap based web services endpoints using annotated Web Service Facets JAX-WS and stateless session bean
  • Planned, designed and executed load and stress tests using goal-oriented, manual scenarios, scheduler, work load analysis, log files, and usage patterns for measuring speed, scalability, availability and stability using Load Runner and Rational Performance
  • Defined and implemented test strategy and approach, test-ideas list, test automation architecture, test interface specification, and traceability matrix, managed test assets, change request and customized schema using, Rational Requisite Pro and CQTM.
  • Developed unit tests to verify interoperability and, SOAP binding profile, conformance to basic profile using WS-I Tools; Integrated SoapUI and Maven to continuously test web service.
  • Deployed Web Services, Java EE application, Web component and configured session pools, log file and database connections.
  • Measured and analyzed the defect management key attributes defect density, by severity; number, per build, number of RFEs from Remedy and presented in the form of defect analysis radial chart. Managed functional test assets using ClearCase
  • Installed and managed Oracle 10g/11, SQL Server 2005 database and managed schema, users, tables, control files, flash archive
  • Administrated lab environment to execute Performance and UAT testing and managed installation, configuration and setup of Linux RHEL 5.0,Win server 2003 , IIS, JBoss, CQTM, WebLogic, Tomcat, SharePoint 2007, AD, DNS, Firewall, Switch, VMware infrastructure and ESXi; Developed shell scripts to manage users, devices and services
  • Administrated Rational ClearQuest Test manager and created asset registry records, iteration records, build values, configuration attributed and configuration value record Integrated RequisitePro requirements with Rational ClearQuest records.
  • Technical Tools: Quality Center, Quick Test, Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Solaris 10, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Eclipse, WebLogic, Apache and CQTM.

Lead Software Test Engineer[Contract]

TELECA USA, Flash Cast Server group, , Plano, TX

Mar 2006Dec 2006

Led a test team to verify and validate the functionality, operation, performance and security of the web and business components. Worked on J2EE based FlashCast server billing server, feed server, data source server and price plan application and delivered test design specification, test plan, traceability matrix, test report, and defect report
  • Designed and executed test plan and test suite for billing application server software – unit, functional, regression, acceptance, code coverage and performance testing
  • Programmed functional tests scripts in Quick Test Professional and VbScript to verify event based subscription, messaging driven bean, PTP queue, and error destination by applying checkpoints, regular expressions, parameterization and automation object.
  • Designed and executed performance test by creating virtual users and emulating production load using VuGen, and Controller
  • Measured application, end-user, component response time and examined breakdown for package, class and method using Load Runner and Rational Performance Tester, and Sun SDK Profiling Tools
  • Developed GUI testing regression test framework and incorporated data validation, data correlation using data pools in Rational Functional Tester
  • Collected measurement data using system monitor and ARM – high processer, link utilization, excessive paging activity, memory leaks, higher error rates to identify potential problems by monitoring resource usage and application response time break down
  • Developed unit test automation framework, UAT, Code Coverage and Regression Testing using JUnit, Fitnesse and python.
  • Defined traceability relationship between requirements and calculated requirement risks based upon analysis using Quality center.
  • Worked on Oracle 10g - Data pump, SQL Loader, RMAN, ADDM, OEM, MMON, REDO Log, Flash Archive, PL/SQL, SQL Plus. Prepared the test data working with schema, roles, users, grant, alter, update, insert, join, correlated query and drop.
  • Administered test environment; installed and configured RHEL4.0, Solaris 9.0, Oracle 10g, Windows 2003, QTP, Load Runner, Rational Performance Tester, JProbe, JUnit, Jakarta Commons, WebLogic server and workshop; Managed test assets using QC.
  • Technical Tools: Quality Center, Quick Test, Selenium IDE, Jmeter, Solaris, Oracle, TOAD and Windows 2003 Enterprise

Software Validation Engineer( Contract)

INTEL CORPORATION, Wireless Broadband Division, , Hillsboro, OR

Oct 2005Mar 2006

Worked as a consultant to assess and validate quality and performance of subscriber station with WiMax specification for fixed broadband wireless access system.
  • Developed automated test suite for Mac software validation, base station, based upon broadband wireless access WiMax [802.16].
  • Automated the network entry based upon syncing, DL-MAP, UL-MAP, capabilities negotiation, registration using Quick Test.
  • Developed automated test scripts using bash to verify and validate application layer protocols, http, ftp, smtp, running on WiMax.
  • Developed sql scripts and PL/SQL procedure to validate, update and correlate input and output data for subscriber stations
  • Administrated test environment comprises of SCM, libc, Perl, Perforce, ANVL, Linux Fedora Core, python, and Oracle 9i
  • Technical Tools: Quick Test Astra, Linux, Solaris, Oracle, Perl and Windows 2003

System and integration Test Engineer (Contract)

ATT WIRELESS, Data services, Redmond, WA

Dec 2003May 2004

Joined Mobile Data group to validate and verify conformance of the Mobile Access Gateway with WAP 1.2 & WAP 2.0 Specification and measure the quality and performance of Provisioning Server application and its integration with Directory services.
  • Planned, designed and executed automated performance test to verify and validate the messaging, verified the wireless gateway system performance conformance, identified performance bottle necks and performance degradation using LoadRunner.
  • Developed tests scripts to verify provisioning functionality for subscriber, in downstream and upstream nodes using XML request/response method in Vitria System using Quick Test Astra.
  • Technical Tools: Test Director, Quick Test Astra, Load Runner, Solaris 9, Monitor Master, WAP simulator, Oracle 9i, and Mysql.

System and Performance Engineer (Contract)

VERIZON WIRELESS, Network Technology,, Walnut Creek, CA

Jun 2003Dec 2003

Joined as a lead at network technology group to configure EVDO test lab environment; planned, designed, developed performance test framework for WAP Gateway Server and BREW App. Worked with different vendors regarding Conformance and User Acceptance testing.
  • Measured the performance of streaming, mms, email, pim application WAP over 1X applications for VZW MSN portal, Yahoo Load runner and Grinder and developed custom code using LoadRunner and JMeter
  • Developed and executed acceptance test procedure for SMTP relay server based upon SMTP AUTH and SASL.
  • Scripted and tested pocket outlook object model interface for pim application running on smart phone i600 device.
  • Technical Tools: Load Runner, Jmeter, Unix, AAA server

Software Test Engineer

ESCAPE NETWORKS, Messaging Services, Ottawa, ON

Sep 2001Jun 2003

, Ottawa, Ontario Jul 2001 – May 2003
Software Test Engineer
Led the Test automation activities using JUnit and Grinder for Java based Messaging Application Server and GUI.
  • dentified test ideas and test cases for instant messaging application based upon Jabber protocols & J2EE Framework.
  • Executed functional, white box, and GUI testing for unified messaging distributed application using QTP Astra and JUnit
  • Installed, configured and supported test environment comprises of Sun Solaris, Oracle 8, WebLogic6.1 Server, Apache, Jbuilder7.0, JUnit
  • Created Stress and Scalability test suite against messaging server by emulating production load using VuGen in LoadRunner
  • Worked with Oracle Server to verify connection pooling, data validation, data correlation and developed scripts and procedures using PL/SQL and SQL* Plus.
  • Technical Tools: QTP Astra, JUnit, Oracle, and WebLogic

Senior Software and System test Consultant

OPENWAVE SYSTEM, Professional Services Group,, Redwood City, CA

Aug 2000Jul 2001

Joined as a senior consultant to design and develop functional and performance test automation framework for Mobile Access Gateway, Portal and Provisioning Server. Worked with British Telecom, KDDI, Rogers AT&T, Qwest, and Sprint PCS.
  • Developed manual test cases and automated test script using Perl APIs for over the Air Provisioning application, the interface between Business logic server and SMSC for Preferred Roaming list project for data manipulation, parsing, scheduling, and updating.
  • Consulted British Telecom in Billing, Provisioning, and Application programming interface issues and tested user interfaces for WAP services including the mHome, MyPhone, MX, UP.LINK, n-tier applications in Java, Cold Fusion, and JSP.
  • Established test environment for prototype PRL Project comprises of Solaris 2.5, Oracle 8.17, MQ series, JBoss, MQ Series, Perl libraries using Gateway simulator 5, the interfaces between OPM, Proxies, and UP.LINK4.2
  • Designed and developed SQL store procedures and functions and Perl scripts to provision subscriber using PL/SQL and Perl API.
  • Developed shell scripts to manage services, provision subscriber in batch manner, monitor traffic and review log files
  • Delivered training courses in portals, Portals, MyPhone, UNIX, UP. Link gateways and mentored new employees.
  • Technical Tools: WinRunner, Perl, Solaris 2.6, Oracle 8.17, Grinder and MQ series

Software Design Verification Engineer

NORTEL NETWORKS, OAM&P Wireless Division, Ottawa, ON

Jan 1999Aug 2000

Designed and coded features for Super node data manager and Super Node Billing Application using C++, STL, ClearCase, on Unix Platform. Supported the maintenance and enhancements cycle for SBA, SDM and MTX products
  • Designed functional specification for Super Node billing application - File Transfer and Access Management Application within the constraints of the requirements, architecture, and development process for MTX for CDMA IS-95 network.
  • Conducted code inspection and peer review for SBA software architecture for Mobile Switching Center.
  • Worked on development environment comprises of HP-UX11.0, AIX6.5, SDM, SBA, Clear Case, Sniff, Gateways, Routers, switches, TEAM. Configured Super Node Data Manager.
  • Completed courses in RTOS, Wireless Networks, and Clear Case, TCP/IP, VoIP, IP Telephony.
  • Technical Tools: RTOS, ClearCase, AIX, HP-UX, TEAM, C++, ClearQuest and Oracle.

Development Test Engineer

CISCO SYSTEMS, Mobile Wireless Division, , Research Triangle Park, NC

Worked as a development Test Engineer to design and develop keyword driven test harness for Content Service Gateway and Charging Gateway Function. Designed automated test cases to perform protocol and networking based testing for charging gateway functionality as per 3GPP TS 32.0.
  • Architected automated test framework to identify specification-based function errors, performance errors, usage errors, and interface based errors tests for Content Services Gateway billing Protocol Description as per GTP specification.
  • Developed unit and functional tests to verify and validate the interface between MMS and Billing interface for post paid and prepaid billing usage.
  • Developed functional test cases for Content Services Gateway billing Protocol Description as per GTP using Quick Test Astra.
  • Designed automated interactive test scripts against L2-L7 traffic - VoIP, SIP, HTTP, WAP, SMTP, FTP, IMAP, TFTP, SNMP, OSPF, RIP traffic across Content Service Gateway using BMA, Ethereal, Pagent, and Perl.
  • Measured the performance of Content Service Gateway using Load Runner and JMeter by developing manual scenarios for IP fragmentation and out-of-order packets by applying policy based routing implemented on 7200VXR, 6509 Cat65k, CSG.
  • Worked on distance vector and link state routing protocol and designed tests to validate the fragmented packet
  • Technical Tools: Quick Test Astra, Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Solaris, Oracle, SQL Server 2005, Python, CDET


Master of Engineering in Telecommunication

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON



EPC, RAN, OAM , Optimization, Netowrking, Routing, MPLS, Wireless, LTE,4G

Additional Information

Core: EPS mobility and session management, Profiles and plocies configuration, Fault and performance Management, , Accounting, Call Trace, OM counters, SGW/PGW/WMM upgrades and OAM connectivity, Synchronization
RAN: EnodeB Parameters, Upgrades, Performance Management, Configuration, Per Call measurement Data, QOS, Cell Parameters Optimization
OAM:Service Aware Manager planning, Security, ACLs Service Management, Fault Management, Configuration Management, Account Management, Software upgrades, Firewall Rules, CIQs, DFARF
LTE Core, OAM, Network Performance optimization, Northbound IOT, UAT, Security Hardening
Programming: Java, C, Python, bash Perl, OOP, API, Application Development, Automated scripts
Databases: Oracle 8/9/10g, SQL Server 2005, PL/SQL, SQL *Plus, SQL developer, DML, DCL, DDL
Hardware: Sun Sparc, HP blade servers , 6K Switches, ATCA, 7200Routers, RAID, SUN HA, MSA-50
OS: Solaris 10, RHEL 5.0, AIX , HP-UX 11, IRIX 6.5, Win 2003/2008 Enterprise, XP, Vista, Hypervisor
Networking: Routers 7200/7600, CAT65 Switch, Firewall, SIP, H323, IOS, SNMP, NFS, Wireshark, Switching, Redundancy, Failover, Activity switch, Netconf

  • Alcatel- Lucent OAM troubleshooting
  • Alcatel-Lucent PGW/SGW Deep Dive training
  • Alcatel-Lucent NPO administration
  • Alcatel-Lucent EPC training
  • Oracle Communication Service Gateway, deep dive training, Oracle University, 2010
  • Oracle Communication Service Broker, Oracle University, 2010
  • Sip Server, Oracle University, 2010
  • iPROPS for Project Managers, Semcon Project Management AB, 2009
  • Rational Performance Tester, IBM learning, 2008
  • Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, Learning Tree International, 2007
  • Unix Administration course, Learning Tree International, 2007
  • Rational Functional Tester, IBM Learning, 2007
  • Rational SOA Tester, IBM Learning, 2007
  • Test Technologies Boot Camp II, Cisco System, 2005
  • CDMA Data Overview, Award solution Inc., 2000
  • Passport SW Development Fundamentals, Nortel Network, 2000
  • CDMA 2000, Award solution Inc., 2000
  • Multivendor Interworking Routers and Switches, Global Knowledge, 2000
  • Best employee award, Ericsson, 2007
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